We present the natural Co2 production system:

The Co2Boost Bucket and Pump. Below you will find the steps to assemble and install the system. For best results, read our growing tips.


Insert the tube into the pump

Insert the silicone tube into the pump

Remove the seal and insert the tube with the pump into the bucket

Plug in the pump

Cultivation options


If possible, the best option is to position the tube just above the plants. If you use a rail to move your lights, attach the tube to the assembly so that it moves with the rail and get a distribution throughout the growing area.


The second option is to place the end of the tube at the rear of the recirculation fan. This option will distribute the natural Co2 throughout the room, although we suggest the first option, this will work too.

More tips

• It is essential to keep the growing area sealed to conserve CO2. Co2 can escape through the smallest holes, so make sure your room is as sealed as possible. However, if you place the end of the tube just above your plants and the Co2 is in direct contact with them, you will see results regardless of how tight the grow room is.

• Co2 is a natural product that has been designed to work with the light cycle. Plants only consume Co2 when they are exposed to light and therefore it is recommended to turn off the pump when the light is off, that is, the best option is to match the operation of the Co2Boost with the light cycle.

• Once you receive our Co2Boost from our Co2Boost Euro, S.L. facilities, you can have it in the store for 60 days to be able to sell it, once you plug it in

If it goes directly to the electrical installation of your house … it will last up to 60 days, since it never turns off.

If you plug it directly into your timer (we recommend timers with two or more plugs to plug in, if you only have a 1-pin timer, you should have two timers, one for your normal installation and the other for the co2boost, both of which should be timed the same), the co2boost will last up to 90 days as it regulates itself with your light cycle.

• Place the tip of the atoxic silicone tube just above the tips of the plants, so that the CO2 goes down directly since the cold air condenses below, never put the CO2 outlet tube near the extraction filter as it will absorb everything CO2 and will not reach your plants.

• The co2 is subsequently converted into hot air O2, which will rise and is already absorbed by the extraction filter.

• Normally without co2boost, you grow at a maximum temperature of 28º-29ºC, with Co2boost you can grow temperatures up to 33ºC, so in summer you can also grow your crops.

CO2 Boost es el producto más revolucionario de la historia del cultivo hidropónico.

Actualmente, las personas que posean pequeños cultivos de interior, tienen la oportunidad de utilizar Co2, gracias a nuestros novedosos productos, con garantía de calidad y muy sencillos de aplicar.

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