Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page, here we solve some basic questions about the use of our products, if you have any questions that are not on our list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is recommended for rooms of approximately 6 m2 maximum and greenhouses of 60 × 60 cm minimum.

No, our products are 100% natural and safe. In fact, once the bucket has been used you can open it and use the material inside as compost for your garden.

The answer is yes, but our product does not generate enough CO2 to harm plants in a reasonably sized greenhouse. However, if you are growing in a small area of about 60 × 60 cm, it is recommended to time the Co2Boost to minimize the contribution of Co2.

Each system carries with it a hose that connects to the pump. The best way to distribute it is by placing the end of the hose directly on the tips of your plants, allowing the Co2 to fall on the leaves and roots. This is a good method to avoid problems such as lack of air and ventilation. In each Co2Boost you will find a brochure that includes an assembly section and instructions.

Yes. Ask for it at your usual store. If they do not have the product, write a message and we will indicate alternative stores that are distributing it.

No, despite being a 100% organic product, it does not generate any odor.

No, once the cube is activated it has a maximum life of 90 days; then it is recommended to purchase a new cube.

Our product works for a minimum of 60 days if used continuously. If connected with the lights on / off cycle, Co2Boost works 75-90 days. We suggest using one bucket per crop to ensure proper operation.

Co2Boost contains a combination of all-natural ingredients from compost. These ingredients are mixed and introduced into the cube where the Co2 is generated naturally. The small compressor is inserted into the bucket and the natural CO2 is released on the plants.

CO2 Boost es el producto más revolucionario de la historia del cultivo hidropónico.

Actualmente, las personas que posean pequeños cultivos de interior, tienen la oportunidad de utilizar Co2, gracias a nuestros novedosos productos, con garantía de calidad y muy sencillos de aplicar.

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